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Our Approach

Who We Are

We aren’t just the average creative agency. We take it up a notch. We work as stewards for your brand, producing content that has a real effect on your marketing efforts.

Many media companies offer cookie cutter solutions to their client’s needs. FPW Media is built around the idea that no matter the size of the project, a well-planned individualized approach will produce visually stunning results. It is that core philosophy which drives every project we take. Whether it’s expertly capturing your commercial project or producing a feature film, we invite you to discover what’s possible when your creative process meets ours.

Your Challenge is our Command
Our Expertise Combined With Your Vision

FPW Media is equipped for your campaign. We craft ideas from concept to completion, working closely with our clients to create polished media content that thrills and empowers. We work with companies we believe in—including the Papé Group, Timber Products, Hyperlite, Olsson Industrial Electric, Ness & Campbell Crane, Anjuna Medicine and many more. We use our expertise and your ideas to make impactful videos that speak for you.

The Power of Creative
Bringing Your Brand to Life

Our company believes in the power of original ideas. FPW’s creative culture is rooted in the premise that great ideas are to be embraced—each member of the creative team is tasked to rally behind ideas and make them the best they can be. As a team, we create big, brand-defining concepts and production. Great creative and design starts with great talent—and we have plenty of that.


We will walk you through the process.

Canon 5DSR
Precision Engineered Equipment

FPW Media captures a large percentage of still images with the Canon 5DSR. It is a dependable, ultra-high-resolution 50.6-megapixel full-frame DSLR designed to capture images with maximum resolution. It produces incredible full frame stills primarily intended for studio, landscape and wedding shoots. This camera was designed to provide extremely fine edge sharpness, emphasizing every element and creating breathtaking results.

Specifications for the Future
Capturing the Details

Detail is clearly prioritized with this camera and is demonstrated within every photo, in every setting. The camera features a 50MP CMOS sensor, 5 fps continuous shooting, ISO 100-6400, 150k pixels and more. These new, advanced features ensure that you get the best of the camera’s resolution. The 5DSR also offers multiple, customizable adjustments and options to guarantee we get the perfect stills for you. Check out the our other equipment.

Where the Process Happens

Contact Us

We apply our visual knowledge into visual solutions for film, virtual reality, marketing collateral and promotional signage. Have an idea in mind? Share your vision with us.

Address: 4660 Main Street Suite 100-2 Springfield, OR 97478

Phone: (541) 343-1355

Mobile: (541) 225-7989