Papé Ranch Shoot

Papé Ranch Shoot:

FPW spent five days out on the private and beautiful, Papé Ranch in Bend, Oregon. Our five person crew headed out there to shoot stills and motion for Papé Machinery, Agriculture and Turf. We started with shooting some motion of John Deere gators, tractors, combines, etc. Uncommonly, we then began shooting the stills with our Canon 5DSR Still Camera, without adjusting the lighting or camera settings. We did this with the specific purpose of keeping the stills and motion consistent throughout. This created an overarching theme for the stills and motion and gave an efficient, recognizable look to the Papé Machinery website.

We worked together with Papé and developed footage that best suited the companies products through lifestyle advertising. We did this by capturing the products actually being used on the Papé Ranch and demonstrating them out on different parts of the Ranch. This style of advertising truly features the machinery in an authentic way and draws in the consumer, as it portrays the equipment to be user friendly and desirable in an organic way. The results turned out stunning and they efficiently captured the style and look we were aiming for.

The photos and motion are currently being displayed on many Papé platforms such as the Papé website, product pages, brochures, print, commercials, and Youtube. Some material from this shoot is also featured in our CMF 2016 project with Ben Rue and Papé. Although this shoot was simply about capturing product stills and motion, the lifestyle advertising theme and technique captured much more than product photos and displayed Papé Machinery in an authentic, professional way.

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