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A team equipped to bring you innovative graphics with cutting edge technology; collaborative, in-house design; and the industry experience to make your multi-platform projects come to life in a big way.

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Graphics excellence and a client-first outlook

At FPW, our team uses cutting edge technology combined with our cache of industry experience to produce 2D, 3D, and VFX deliverables that stretch the boundaries of the real. Our client-first mindset and innovative, collaborative design philosophy means that your brand is in capable hands from idea conception to final delivery. FPW’s interconnected multi-division structure means that the design department works hand-in-hand with films, production, and animation for a synchronous and productive workflow. With your brand’s needs in mind from start to finish, our expert design and graphics teams work with modelers and animation artists on live action work, fully-digital animations, and sophisticated, customized graphics.

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Here are just a few of our capabilities:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) applications
  • Spherical tour environments
  • Product walkarounds
  • Object removal or insertion
  • Product prototyping
  • Logo animation
  • Custom titles and transitions
  • Completely rendered environments and scenes
  • HD through 8K deliverables
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While our reel demonstrates some of the amazing things we can do for your company, the people behind our team are who make us tick. One of our VFX artists, Brian, spent years teaching himself 3D graphics and animation software, such as Softimage (RIP), Adobe After Effects, and Photoshop, before attending film school. Brian has been a 3D forensic animations artist, worked on major Holywood productions, been a screenwriter, and more–but he’s found his niche here at FPW, where his graphics philosophy marries practicality with visual storytelling. With a particular penchant for VFX and compositing, Brian enjoys seamlessly blending VFX into an existing scene for the kind of graphics that stand the test of time. He also uses 3D software, such as Maya and Cinema 4D, to produce beautifully integrated 3D environments–like his recent work on the Hyster 3D Virtual Cab Spin.

Software implemented

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Cinema 4D
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Adobe After Effects
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