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Calling all actors in the Pacific Northwest.

FPW is always looking for fresh talent to add to our roster. Are you an aspiring actor or model? Let us showcase your skills. Our production atmosphere is professional, welcoming and fun. We make sure you are treated right, with competitive pay and respect. Working with us, you’ll gain experience to give you the visibility you need to reach goals. Interested? Let’s create something together. Take a look at our information request document to learn more about the role you can play at FPW Media. Get started here.

Complete Solution
Getting You The Talent You Need

Visual media mediums are the most powerful and efficient platforms for sharing your message. Whether that message is about your company’s brand, charitable cause, or an upcoming product, you’re looking to create top-tier content.

FPW Media is the complete solutions for your production needs. We’re here to help by connecting you with reliable talent.

Committed to Success
Meeting Your Talent Needs

We love working with people who are committed to success; who strive to inspire; who change the game. Throughout our years of production experience, we’ve come across many individuals with these qualities. These players have participated in a wide variety of production requests and are always up for the challenge at hand. If you’re looking for local talent for your upcoming shoot, choose from a trusted pool of FPW favorites, all of whom we highly recommend. Our goal is to enhance your creative project with exceptional talent. At the end of the day, we want to make sure everyone goes home happy with great work that hits the mark.

Where the Process Happens

Let Us Find You Talent

Look around to discover the talent we know would make an awesome
fit for the needs of your upcoming shoot.

Address: 4660 Main Street Suite 100-2 Springfield, OR 97478

Phone: (541) 343-1355

Mobile: (541) 225-7989