GoPro Omni VR

The GoPro Omni Virtual Reality system is the easiest way to capture incredible 360° video. Virtual Reality creates an incomparable experience and immerses the viewer like no other camera can. The GoPro VR system consists of 6 different HERO4 Black cameras together in an aluminum ring that synchronize and act as one, making it wonderfully easy for post-production editing. The system is also very user friendly and comes with many accessories like USB cables and hubs, an external power solution and the Smart Remote, which is used to control the master camera wirelessly. The 360° video software enables you to deliver high resolution, top-quality Virtual Reality videos. We are very excited to add this unique system to our equipment and produce one of a kind video experiences.


VR Videos Coming Soon!

FPW just got our Omni VR camera and are excited about the possibilities to film in Virtual Reality. We will have edited videos posted soon. In the mean time check out our full portfolio.

All Work

Let us get your video marketing moving 360°!