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The Challenge
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FPW Media was charged with the task of unifying the three sub-brands within Reynolds Specialty Contracting: Reynolds Electric, Kevin Cohen Plumbing, and Accurate Underground. We deployed a complete rebrand across a vast collection of both print and digital assets, including a series of newly designed websites. FPW’s creative and digital specialists worked together to reimagine the design, imagery, and copy content of the Kevin Cohen Plumbing website.
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  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Copy Generation
  • Web Development

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The resulting website proved to be a highly satisfying brand experience from the client’s perspective. This new brand asset was consistent with the overall brand aesthetic of Reynolds Specialty Contracting.
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Assets Generation

Our design team developed and implemented a new series of logos and brand standards to establish the unity of the three sub-brands under Reynolds Specialty Contracting through a consistent overall aesthetic. The new Kevin Cohen Plumbing website was redesigned according to this new look and feel. FPW’s creative team interviewed members of the KCP team and generated copy for each page within the RSC brand voice. 

FPW’s Films crew traveled to KCP’s office and various job sites to shoot both still and video footage of KCP’s journeymen plumbers in action, while complying with safety regulations, including the use of PPE. We produced a silent loop film, then integrated this video to automatically play on the homepage. Our digital specialists also deployed the new photography assets across the website. We also interviewed a customer and filmed as KCP provided services at the customer’s residence. We integrated the interview voiceover with footage and a music track to create a finished client testimonial video, featured on the homepage

Web Development

FPW’s digital team redesigned the Kevin Cohen Plumbing website, incorporating customizations to meet the company’s unique needs. The new design displayed the content comprehensively and in an aesthetically appealing manner. This layout utilized automatic sliders, hovering text, and various integrations, including a scheduling platform, bill pay platform, contact forms, and application platform. Our digital specialists partnered with KCP’s IT staff to set up the new domain, new email accounts, and routing to the new website and email accounts.

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