Safariland Liberator HP Video

Film Production
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Filmed video footage on-site at a range in Las Vegas with a member of the Las Vegas S.W.A.T. team.
Animation, Music & Voiceover
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Animated intro, outro, and text callouts. Integrated background track and interview voiceover.
Product Highlights
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  • Comfort—Uniquely Offers Protection from Wind
  • Multiple Battery Powering Options
  • Run Time of 1–300 Hours
  • First Headset with User Audio Profiles
  • Convertible to Single or Dual Com Headset

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The Ask

Our long-time partner, the Safariland Group, partnered with the FPW Films team to develop a promotional video for the next generation of hearing protection—the Liberator HP. This video spotlighted the unique offerings of Safariland’s innovative new noise-canceling headset, including comfort, versatility, and superior performance.


The finished video was integrated across the website for the product launch, and it was also used extensively at the 2020 SHOT show.

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Miles Flown
Days of Filming
Rounds Fired
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