Case Study: Anjuna Medicine


After Anjuna Medicine opened their doors in 2015, they tasked FPW Media to shape their brand, raise clinic awareness and build customer base. As a new and independent Chinese Medicine clinic, Anjuna Medicine presented a unique opportunity for growth and possibility. Anjuna Medicine is dedicated to helping patients achieve natural healing while fostering exceptional hospitality and relationships. While their internal mission was clear, Anjuna needed a voice and brand that would accurately communicate that to the surrounding community.

FPW Media’s Role:

Over the course of many months, FPW Media worked tirelessly to create all things Anjuna. We began with a comprehensive branding strategy that developed core messaging including vision, mission and values; both internally and externally. The logo creation was next, followed by the development of a fully functioning website with targeted SEO performance. We specifically designed the Anjuna Medicine website with iconography, photography and informative copy that effectively conveys the brand’s authentic personality. FPW Media created social media plans and identified target audiences.

With targeted photo shoots, we captured Anjuna patients and physicians interacting in personal and friendly exchanges. The culture photography was used to showcase treatments and contributes to a growing digital photo catalog for social and promotional communications. Team headshots were also captured and included on the website, accompanied by meaningful staff bios. FPW Media also developed a series of informative videos highlighting the services offered at Anjuna Medicine as well as the overall Anjuna experience. Attempting to eliminate the unknown, the videos allow patients to preview the Anjuna experience and treatment options from the comfort of their home. The most recent branding advancement comes with the design of lifestyle clothing. Anjuna Medicine is moving to become a household name, offering clothing that is stylish and sophisticated for the active individual. FPW Media has sourced and designed these branded clothing items for Anjuna clients and staff.


Anjuna Medicine has grown into a successful, respected clinic in the Pacific Northwest. A strict, aggressive branding strategy helped this small clinic make itself known. They now have a robust client base and employ a growing staff. Anjuna Medicine has made a positive impression on the community and in continuing to follow branding recommendations, we believe they have the potential to grow into national endeavors as well.

Production Notes:

Our designers worked hard to meticulously crafted the Anjuna logo to embody the brand’s key attributes. FPW Media established a working color palate of orange and blue, grounded in earthy greys. Overall, the logo exudes energy, harmony and is tempered by a warm and welcoming feel. We shot our culture photography using a Canon 5D to best depict the vibrancy of Anjuna’s brand and facility. Shots of practitioners performing treatments on patients are used to convey the comfortable and enjoyable experience of each clinic visit. These culture images are also used to illustrate the high-end experience customers should expect when choosing Anjuna Medicine. The series of informative videos were captured on RED digital technology. We chose to depict Anjuna’s unique business model and dedication to the patient by featuring real Anjuna care providers in all videos.

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