Case Study: Gold Rush Nugget Bucket


FPW Media was approached by Gold Rush Nugget Bucket (GRNB) during the business’s infancy. GRNB had just patented a unique gold panning kit and requested an effective way of promoting the product to their core demographic: families. The result was the creation of a lifestyle video featuring the awesome experiences the kit provides, while demonstrating the user-friendly design.

FPW Media’s Role:

FPW Media handled all aspects of production, including concept creation, location scouting, casting, directing, filming and editing. While sticking to a tight deadline, we were able to create a highly entertaining product demo video in time for the launch of the product. In addition, 4k video stills were pulled from the video for wide use in printed promotional material.


The company owner appeared on ABC Shark Tank in February 2015. Shortly after, Gold Rush Nugget Bucket experienced what other Shark Tank companies refer to as the “Shark Tank Effect.” Since appearing on the show, sales for the deluxe gold prospecting kits have tripled. The brand has established broad recognition and a strong path to continued success. The lifestyle video now serves as the cornerstone of all GRNB marketing material and has had over 5,000 views on YouTube alone.

Production Notes:

The GRNB lifestyle video was shot on a beautiful piece of private property along the McKenzie River. We used the RED Epic Dragon to shoot video in 6k resolution to achieve amazing detail and color. We incorporated picturesque drone shots and close-up action grabs to represent a brand that is guided by traditional values and clean fun. The video was mastered in UHD for web delivery.

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