Case Study: University of Oregon Papé Symposium


The Papé Group selected FPW Media to be their creative partner in preparation for the 2017 Randy Papé Oregon Advanced Strategy Leadership Symposium. Hosted at the University of Oregon, the event was a special opportunity for community members to learn and interact with leaders in state-of-the-art sales and customer acquisition strategies. Jordan Papé, the CEO of Papé Group, was to open the event with a sizzle reel followed by a personal presentation. The task at hand was to ensure the Papé Group as a whole was presented in a professional and innovative fashion.

FPW Media’s Role:

Working closely with leaders from Papé and the Lundquist College of Business, a concept for the sizzle reel was mapped out. The video was to include Jordan Papé introducing the event, mixed with stylized campus footage and student interviews. All messaging throughout the video was to be centered around the main concepts of the Oregon Advanced Strategy. The creative challenge with this was incorporating the Papé and University of Oregon message into a video that would appeal equally to people across multiple audiences. To combat this, FPW Media created a script to equally include main points and business models. Next, student casting calls were held. From that, top students were selected for interview and inclusion in the video. Approvals were gained from the University and interesting drone shots were filmed for the final production. To accompany Jordan Papé’s speech during the symposium, FPW Media created a running video presentation, outlining his topics and featuring video assets of equipment and services.


The final product was a polished, informative sizzle reel that opened the event with excitement. The video received great feedback from all project partners and is now featured on the Lundquist College of Business YouTube channel for future promotional opportunities. The Papé Group was proud of the high-quality, innovative style the videos; which successfully presented the business in the positive light requested.

Production Notes:

Even before video production began, we spent a huge amount of time planning the post-production. Papé Group wanted a groundbreaking video and we wanted to push our own envelope and ensure we could deliver exactly as we envisioned. We shot on RED Digital Cinema because of its ability to wonderfully handle lighting circumstances. With such a fast turnaround, we did not have the luxury of shooting on favorable weather days. We used a four-man crew throughout the video production process, as well as a sound technician during student interviews. Drone shots were captured with the DJI Inspire Raw, giving us unique, amazingly-smooth aerial views of the campus. Our designer worked hard to create gorgeous animations of the Papé timeline as well as creatively featuring valuable pieces of information from the interviews.

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