Case Study: Seneca Sawmill Virtual Reality


Seneca Sawmill came to FPW Media looking for a way to reinvent their marketing, while appealing to a wider audience through the community. As one of the oldest timber companies in the state, Seneca had a large amount of experience and education to communicate within their messaging. To meet this need, FPW Media suggested a modern, interactive approach, through the creation of a virtual reality experience. There were many aspects of Seneca expertise to be included in the VR experience such as; company history, scale and environmental stewardship. All of this information had to fit into one seamless video clearly retaining the scope of Seneca’s services. This experience then needed to be deployed correctly, while being accessible to the target audience.

FPW Media’s Role:

FPW Media approached the task by helping to create a script outline to begin the virtual reality process. We established the key company goals to be expressed and developed a storyboard to achieve that. Then we worked with Seneca employees to film the VR experience throughout a series of shoots at sawmills and timberlands. We collected footage of foresters managing Seneca forests for pristine water and wildlife, while using voiceover to explain the environmental reasoning behind each action. The result is an incredibly informative virtual reality experience that takes viewers out into the forest, demonstrating the intense stewardship Seneca places on management efforts. To deploy this virtual reality experience, FPW Media sourced all VR equipment, including six headsets for use. We also worked to design a trade show experience that would host the VR experience, complete with a designed table, and eye-catching Seneca branded banners.


The Seneca VR experience has been a huge success for the company. The strong educational messaging throughout has helped to demonstrate the trusted principles applied in the management of Seneca timberlands; proving that everything at Seneca is done with generations in mind. This message has been well received, with the VR experience now being displayed at every public event possible, including: trade shows, conferences, and at all Oregon Ducks Sporting events.

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