PMAT Spring 2018 CUT Collective Campaign

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FPW wanted to underline Papé’s commitment to their customers–starting with showcasing the John Deere 1023E compact utility tractors in action. Our photos emphasize equipment in use on residential landscapes, with Papé’s exclusive offerings prominently displayed. Images are crisp and bright with white and gold contrast lettering over top. Throughout, the FPW team preserved brand continuity with powerful visuals and evocative design.
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  • Series of Commercial Videos
    • Shot Original Footage of John Deere 1023E Product
    • Storyboard Generation
    • Scripted (4) Variations
    • Voiceover Production & Integration
    • Integrated Music Track
    • Produced (4) Variations of this Video
      • General
      • Medford
      • Roseburg
      • Four Lakes & Ponderay
  • Designed Promotional Billboards
  • Wrote Scripts and Recorded Radio Advertisements
  • Designed Digital Ads of Varying Dimensions

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The commercial video series, billboards, scripts, and ads all speak to PMAT’s commitment to getting the best deals on compact equipment for their customers, backed by excellent service throughout their footprint. All materials utilize Papé’s signature visual branding aspects, retain company tone and voice, and prioritize brand integrity in design and copy for a powerful campaign that speaks directly to its target audience.
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The Challenge

The FPW Media team partnered with Papé Machinery Ag & Turf to generate a multi-channel advertising campaign promoting PMAT’s exclusive offerings on John Deere 1023E compact utility tractors. This campaign consisted of a series of commercial videos, billboards, radio advertisements, and digital advertisements.

The Results

The series of videos and radio ads were deployed across local and regional media outlets, extending from Eastern Washington to Northern California throughout the year. Billboards were placed across Papé Machinery Ag & Turf’s footprint in heavily trafficked areas, such as the I-5 corridor. Radio ads were placed with radio stations as well as with music streaming platforms. Digital ads were implemented across Facebook and Google for the entire year. Papé Machinery Ag & Turf was so pleased with our work that they continued to partner with the FPW team throughout the year as well as throughout 2019 and into 2020 to create additional video, radio, and digital advertisements.

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