I am APEX: A Creative Undertaking

We work with great clients. In fact, the biggest perk of this job is the interesting people we get to meet and be creative with. We are constantly learning new things and discovering new trades. For example, the world of wood manufacturing! Enter one of our favorite clients, Timber Products Company.

Recently, Timber Products Company tasked us with the creation of a product video to accompany the release of their newest line of composite panels; APEX. In the realm of wood products, this panel pushes the envelope and sets a new standard of quality.

With some serious strength and a wide range of usability, it’s truly a groundbreaking product.

We needed to make the APEX message one to remember; And so our creative undertaking began. It was clear—we had to make an awesome video—like nothing we’d done before.

We put our heads together and came up with the concept for I am APEX. The video tells the story of APEX panel creation, from the perspective of the panel itself. The fictional panel walks the viewer through the production of APEX, showing the intensity of the process and the relentless, hard work that goes into manufacturing.

Catch the video here:

As you’ll see, panel manufacturing is a grueling process. It was similarly difficult to document the process. Our production crew is detailed, creative and cautious, but mills can get pretty crazy. In such an extreme environment, they had to think outside of the box when filming onsite. The video was shot on RED Digital Cinema; a purposeful choice to achieving the highly stylized, striking look we needed. With that choice came advantages and challenges. So, why not give a little insight on these? We’ve cooked up a behind the scenes video, where our crew takes you along on the process of filming in a working mill. You’ll see how we did it and how you can do it too.

Interested? Check that out below:

Overall, we had a blast working on this project—making it all the more sweet to announce that we’ve won a couple creative awards to go along with it. We’re excited to spread the news that I am APEX received the Platinum Award at the 2017 Hermes Creative Awards, as well as a Bronze Award from the 2017 Telly Awards!

Hard work pays off. Thanks to all who made it possible.

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