By now you probably know we are huge RED fanatics. After getting our hands on this equipment in 2015, it’s nearly impossible to put it down. 4k video is our new standard. With the ability to pull high quality stills, edit in RAW, reframe and shoot in even the most extreme situations, it’s the perfect machine for our fast-paced media company.

These days, nearly every frame of video that we produce is shot on RED. Powerful stories mixed with interesting, compelling cinematography is the FPW equation for great video. Because of this, we have a total commitment to our technology. Ever heard the phrase “a horse is only as good as its rider?” Well, we apply the same idea to our video production professionals. Anyone can grab a camera and shoot, but you need to know specific camera features and behaviors to make it perform at its peak. When the camera and operator are working in total unison, that’s when the magic happens.

As RED Digital Cinema increasingly dominates filmmaking, we are proud to have two RED cameras in our arsenal; the Epic-W 8K and the Epic-X Dragon. Not only do we invest in the newest technology—we invest in making sure we know how to use it. This type of thinking is encouraged by the professionals of RED Digital Cinema, who now offer fully immersive training courses across the globe. The REDucation program is an intensive, three-day class to help shooters enhance their skills while learning the science of RED cameras, software and workflow. Through a very specific course structure, industry professionals apply practical training of the RED camera systems for both on set and post production practices.

We’re pretty good at staying ahead of the curve. We have not one, but two RED certified operators in the FPW house. Owen became the first team expert back in 2015, following the purchase of the RED Dragon. The overarching goal was to fundamentally understand the camera before starting to be creative with it.

After his certification, he passed along his knowledge to the crew through trainings and real-world (practical) experience. With no surprise, the production team ran wild with creative power. In a natural progression, FPW welcomed the Helium sensor in 2016. With rapidly evolving technology, it was crucial for the FPW crew to get a refresh. Shortly after, Adam attended his REDucation training, seamlessly weaving the past training together with the new.

While learning the tools, craft and techniques from experts, the REDucation program also offered a great chance to network. Meeting other creatives in the industry was incredibly valuable, for both collaborative and reflective purposes. It’s a truly inspiring environment, one that got our creative juices flowing and motivated us to become a better production company.

We know the RED technology, we’ve mastered the production techniques and we’ve met some great people along the way. Equipped with confidence, FPW aims to put the camera where it’s never been before; we aim to experience a new world through video.

Technical proficiency opens a ton of creative doors—and now it acts as our artistic backbone in achieving well-orchestrated, efficient productions.

We are taking this chance to humbly brag about what we’ve learned thus far.

See for yourself. Browse some of our recent projects.

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